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I am for the one who has a taste for the finer things in life... the experience of surrender can be approached from a multitude of directions. Maybe you know exactly which one lights you up. Or perhaps you're looking for someone who can help you figure that out. You're here, which means your options are rather extensive. It can be in itimidating to try to find one who has the right combination of experience, playfulness, intuition, embodiment and empathy to facilitate said surrender. And I don't for a second envy your position unless of course it is beneath me, or in my very capable hands– that's quite a fantastic place to find yourself. I am absolutely, without a doubt, in my element in this world of beautiful perversion. My passion is in sharing this with others. I am sophisticated and grounded. I move with Grace, power and prowess. My intelligence and wit are sharp as f***. I'm move easily between states of playfulness, sterness,sensuality and seduction. I will always find within myself, what the situation calls for...Namaste NO BARE SERVICES!! STOP ASKING!

Location: HomewoodAge: 42
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