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Once upon a time In a very stupid land, a very stupid a very wicked mathametician told a very dumb lie to all the townpeople that of all the townmen, VERY FEW men were the good, loyal hard-working faithful providers they claimed to be. The rest of the lot, it was said, were wretched, wicked, dirty Panty Thieving Liars who Cheated and Manipulated in a Secret Bad Man Panty Thievers Club that met every Saturday Night to see who had collected the most satin panties from the sweet and innocent towngirls (desperately trying to locate the only Few Good Men while those unnumbered FEW "good men" fought amongst and within themselves, believing the witch's lie right along with the townswomen............

And wouldn't you know it, those damn townspeople just went on, believing that stupid witch's lie that it was wrong for men to want Women's Panties, believing one man should only get One WOman Panty each, and the days turned into years and the townspeople tuaght the townschildren who taught THEIR townschildren's townchildren's , and then Darkness fell Upon the face of the Stupid Land and the Stupid People became the the Stupid Nation and the Stupid Nation became many little stupid tiny Nations and United into one terrible State and the days turned into years and the years Into Darkness and Darkness fell Upon the face of the Earth and everyone blamed somebody else.

Is Approx 950 million spermioids EQUAL TO 2 eggs a month?

950,000 eQUALS 2???

Who da fuck did this math people?.

Ever at your service, in one form or another,


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California bound once again.🀞

Just go with it like you alwys have, I'm a little slow catching on to whate else already sees.

Or am I??

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