Available now; need a hole to breed or need me to fuck yours.

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Hey there y'all, I'm about some pleasure and practice! Help me help you, let's get a few of those fantasies marked off your "fuck it" list... Totally turned on by being a whore for you men... fir whatever reason are a part of my life, and appreciated as such... (I give phenomenal head)...dont shy away, embrace it... Help me help you... Cash!

-no ones gonna buy the cow if the the milk is free-. (write that down) I honestly cannot decide right now that I want to f*** or get f***** more let's make this interesting.

I'm available for in house calls only, at this time... Please be serious, direct and conversational... Or it's just a drag. Come fuckilin put this fukboi to do fuckshit without being a dirtbagger or theif... Yeah take a mental note of said questionable blips... And ask away. Let me fuck you or give me all if you and I'll do the rest.

Location: WichitaAge: 38
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