yes like a broken crayon never discard if .. it was broken by pressing down to hard on it ... that hard pressing is the only way to get the materials to color and shade . the dull world uneventful environment . we just have to be sharpened and AND STRIPPED OF THE TORN WRAPPINGS ... to create is to understand the human spirit that art is a self sustaining moral compass the idea that no matter how you may love it .. I hate that I didn't get it exactly how I wanted it . Sometimes perfect mistake can really throw off my vibe ... The idea that i started writing this poem a few months go, as I was feeling suicidal it was dark ,somber ,scorn. The crayon represented my own reflection . Misused abandoned and unappreciated.When I'm the Artist .. I am THE CREATION. I must never forget .. Crayon pencil ,or and even the canvas are all substitutionary . And now Ive finally chisseld down and re plastered the canvas , . instead of crayons ... my blood sweat and tears ran out of my eyes and ont the white background your looking at in hopes it can clear the confusion . Just think of a CATAPILLAR, spending its entire existence build it's own sarcophagus ..and just as it hardens. the shell cracks and restoring us of all our hope when that little worm became a butterfly a beautiful delicate being. YET ABOVE THE WORLD IT WAS ONCE BENEATH... ART IS A GIFT TRANSCENDED FROM THE GODS ....ONLY A DARK TAINTED SOUL . WOULD COME ON ANY OF MY POST AND GET OFFENDED OR SHUNN ME . MAY THE IGNORANT PARISH CLEANSING THE EARTH OF THE PATHOGENS .... THAT CONVINCE US TO BE HATEFUL .

Location: Age: 22
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