Anal lover. ***IN CALL ONLY***


*IN CALL ONLY* *TEXT ONLY* 785-213-8882

I am very much real and located in south topeka

$50 for 15 mins, $90 for 30 mins, $140 for 1hr regular basic session with condom required.


$100 for 15 mins, $140 for 30 mins and $200 clients choice. Which is everything including anal and bare back. $200 clients choice is the "Netflix and chill" get off as many times as you want and stay as long as youd like (within reason).

I am not one that will sit there and text small talk forever. However, once you actually show up i can be whatever you want me to be. If you just want to get straight to business we can or if you want to chill, chit chat and hang out im cool with that as well. I will be by myself while you are here. I can be kinda awkard and shy at first but once you start having your way with me then i tend to really get into it. You are able to touch me if you please. I am not the type to take charge or be dominant. I tend to be better at doing what im told and taking a pounding. I enjoy anal but i love double penetration even more, doesnt matter whether its the fingers, toys or dicks i love it! Im really insecure about being on top so im not a fan of it but i will do it if youd like. I have been known to squirt from time to time. I really enjoy the rough, agressive and hard times. You can cum any where you want to except my mouth. I also like having my hair pullled and being choked a bit. I will be leary about being choked for obvious reasons but just let me know before hand that its something you enjoy and all should be good. I am here to please you so you tell me how you want me. Roleplaying is something i dont think i would be good at because i am no good at pretending to be anybody other than myself lol Im a people pleaser so let me please you :)

Only contact me the day youre ready to meet!! If you set up a time to meet and pull a no "call no show" you will be immediatly blocked. I am not going to waste your time so dont waste mine. If something comes up just let me know and we can plan another time.

If you would like to smoke or anything please bring it with you.

I do not suck dick or kiss on the mouth. everything else goes

Location: TopekaAge: 32
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